InteriorDAsein, Projektraum Archi Galentz, Portraetausstelung,


Archi Galentz
Steegerstraße 2
13359 Berlin
+49 (0) 179 5 47 53 12

About us

InteriorDAsein is an exhibition space and studio with a focus on high-quality framing and the development of presentation concepts. Conveniently located between Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow and Wedding in direct proximity to the Wollankstraße S-Bahn station, we address our customers with a handsome showcase. The interplay of craftsmanship and art has proven itself continuously during our two years in business, true to our motto that art is not the worship of ashes, but the passing on of fire.

We house in our premises a collection of works by over 30 artists from various cultural backgrounds, with a focus on Armenian contemporary art. This collection, as well as temporary exhibitions in our spaces, are individually furnished in our workshop.

InteriorDAsein is a word invented by Archi Galentz, who runs the presentation room and the workshop. Coming from a family of artists himself, he has been intensively involved in the restoration and mediation of fine art since his studies of free painting and design at the UdK Berlin. Solid craftsmanship enables us to maintain an independent position and long-term planning. Thus InteriorDAsein is understood as a workshop and exhibition space at the same time - as a manifested artist-run space.