"It doesn't have a Shape, it has a Shadow" Michelle Atherton, Jette Gejl, TC McCormack, 30.03.-12.04.2019
Series: "Re-imagining America" 2020, Exhibition: "Talkin to me?" Philipp Lachenmann, 04.-19.12.2020
„3D Photogrammetrie Stadt/Müll“, Benjamin Renter, City trash analysis, digital media, 26.11. – 10.12.2022
Performance "wie es nicht sein wird" von Simone Lanzenstiel und Tom Früchtl, 03.02.2018


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About us

Spor Klübü (Turkish for sports club, founded August 2003) is a project space that works mainly with international artists from Berlin and offers them space to experiment. Projects are also realized in cooperation with curators, art associations and institutions.

Event for the Koloniewedding

29.09. - 07.10.2023 „Im Weltraum ist es still“ Mirjam Dorsch

29.09. - 07.10.2023

In space it is silent

In Mirjam Dorsch’s spatial installation, two worlds are interwoven that could not be further apart. Do they have anything in common? What do these worlds make up? A floor installation made of carpet and absorbent cotton, which can be walked on via a stage catwalk and is reminiscent of our Milky Way, is juxtaposed with a sound from an individual world, a state in which the senses are asleep and unconscious life takes place.

Similar to the principle of equivalence, with which Albert Einstein opened up the theory of relativity, there is also a cosmic frame shift in snoring. The sound, which is obstructive to sleep, both to the sleeping person and to the person lying awake, allows quite different associations in the black-bedded public space.

The absorbent cotton lies like star mist over the black high pile. Acoustic material moves at regular intervals through the 42 square meter exhibition space. With a steady hum and coo, the universe seems to breathe. Can we suspect something alive in the cosmos? And if so, is it asleep? Might we not be alone after all? And couldn’t that be reassuring? Suspicions of extraterrestrial life go back to the 1970s in a scientific context.

Poetic and playful narratives have long replaced the powerful, religious narratives and always create material for new flights of fancy. The title of the exhibition can also be a glimmer of hope, a mantra: “in space it is silent”- when the sound of sleep, the snoring of another, robs you of your own sleep.

Statment Mirjam Dorsch

“In my sculptural work I encounter various materials and techniques that accompany me in my work routine and combine, overlap or detach. Elements of art production and the art business are thematized and sometimes playfully exchanged or shifted in order to show their characteristics and to enable new perspectives. The perspective is thereby a shifting frame that directs the view to that which is not immediately perceptible and appears as a gap. The analysis and treatment of natural and processed materials reveal connections that can be questioned and are inspiring to my creative process.”

Further Infos: https://npiece.com/mirjam-dorsch?l=de

Opening: Fr, 29.09.2023, 19:00

Opening times:
Sat, 30.09. + Sun, 01.10., 15:00-18:00
and by tel. appointment: Tel. +49 (0)179 8593744


Past events

30.06. - 14.07.2023 Silke Koch_Photography


An artistic research project on representation in public space of society in transition

Silke Koch’s artistic works explore, biographically motivated, how society and its utopias are represented in public to private space. She uses various media such as photography, video, sculpture and interventions in public space. All works are based on site-specific research. In the artistic realization Silke Koch creates spaces of possibility to question and expand traditional ideas and perceptions.

For the solo exhibition at Spor Klübü, the artist is showing two groups of works. One series shows images from her unpublished photo archive from 1994/95, depicting an adolescent generation playfully appropriating public spaces and status symbols in the midst of political turmoil and social change, and, as a counterpart, modern architectural facades from the 1980s.

Another series of photographs researches “in the today” in public space for its stock of signs, utopias, and notions of a society that has already blessed the temporal. It examines the promise and expectations with the social change from 1989 onwards of an “even” better world. In the process, ruptures are not left out. The analog camera focuses on spaces – seemingly unnoticed situations far away from large scenes of representation of society.


Sponsored by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media

25.08. - 16.09.2023 „Uran und andere Szenarien“ Antonia Low

25.08. – 16.09.2023

The studio is a steadily growing repository of remarkable findings, research materials and test pieces. On closer inspection, some of the curiosities – a glass object containing uranium and a stalagmite retrieved from a coal mine – pose potential problems for the future: Their radioactivity requires a continued attention. An appropriate way of dealing with collections of this kind and their “Ewigkeitslast” (eternal burden) from a radiation-hygienic point of view is being sketched out and suggested by the artist.

Antonia Low lives and works in Berlin. In her artistic work, Antonia Low experiments with material spatial and situational conditions, modeling irritations and speculations in familiar structures. With her interventions she explores and combines various procedures and strategies. In visual superimpositions, excavations and displacements new visual axes create reflexions, poetic experiences and a simultaneity of different realities.

Further information: www.antonialow.com

Opening: Fr, 25.08.2023, 19:00

Finissage: Sa, 16.09.2023, 19:00
Opening times:
Sat, 26.08. + Sun, 27.08., 15:00-18:00
and by tel. appointment: Tel. +49 (0)179 8593744

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