Berlin Wedding, Kolonie Wedding - April 2019
Berlin Wedding, Kolonie Wedding - April 2019
Berlin Wedding, Kolonie Wedding - April 2019


Cristina Artola
Zechliner Straße 3a
13359 Berlin

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Event for the Koloniewedding

31.05. - 16.06.2024 Ladies & GentleWomen

Sa + So 12-18 Uhr

Juan Carlos Espejo is an Andalusian artist who has been living and working in Berlin since 2012. The concept of his painting revolves exclusively around the representation of the female figure, who is the protagonist of all his works. He shows us his particular vision of women with a focus on highlighting beauty and the feminine soul.

The artist’s firm aim is to convey the greatness of women on an aesthetic level (beauty) and on a human level (inner world), which is why he likes to define his work as “Pop with Soul”. The harmonious use of form and color on the visual level underlines his will to represent the feminine essence and to awaken in the viewer the appreciation of women and their value in our society, highlighting their importance as an inspiring muse.

Juan Carlos Espejo’s style is characterized by the clear use of design elements and very careful lines. The use of flat color gives his painting a very graphic character and underlines his personal style. In his works, women appear in recognizable classical and contemporary compositions, but also in more futuristic and subjective atmospheres. Her greatest influence and inspiration comes directly from Art Deco and Pop Art, as well as the portrayal of women in the visual arts, films, literature, fashion and music.

In this exhibition, the Andalusian artist shows us a diverse selection of acrylic paintings created during his time in Berlin from 2012 to the present day.

Further information and examples of his work can be found on his website:


Vernissage: Fr. 31 Mai 2024 6 – 10 p.m.
Zechliner Straße 3a , 13359 Berlin


Sa + So 12 – 6 p.m.

Mo-Fr by agreement:


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