Wasser und Wandel | Barbara Klinker (Fotografie), Glen Nevis (Sound)


Barbara Klinker
Biesentaler Straße 5
13359 Berlin
+40 (0)178.16 73 483

About us

Events take place here. room- and slideinstallations, actions percievable through the shop window, classic and space- taking painting, videos, talks, photos, drawings, performances, concerts...

with professionals and newcomers.

Decisive is the attitude and interest in the collaboration.

n has big shop windows, has the size of 25 m2 and also high walls.

The size of the room induces to concentration in presentation and perception.

Artists are free to change the room as long as they put it back to the original state.

n is working as a non profit space – the surplus value is the venture, the encounter and the exchange.

Past events

30.06. - 01.07.2023 BESONDERmüll Exhibition and Workshop


Exhibition as part of the workshop series “BESONDERmüll. Art. Ecology. Urbanism”.
The exhibition shows children’s works: Installations, collages, animation, prints and much more, which
explore urban life through artistic means.
The workshop on Saturday invites visitors to develop and contribute their own ideas on dealing with the urban environment.

27.10. - 28.10.2023 “Besondermüll – Kunst Ökologie Urbanistik”

The exhibition is the result of a creative process,
in which the young participants transformed recycled materials into a wide variety of artworks. The works reflect their imagination, their commitment and their view of issues such as sustainability, ecology and urbanism.

On Saturday, 28 October 2023, from 13:00 to 16:00 h,
we will offer a workshop on masks. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to discover their own artistic potential and experiment with face masks made from recycled materials.


Alexandra Goloborodko and Aleksandra Yurieva-Civjane

Kulturschafft e.V. & Butterbrot Education

Supported by PWC Foundation
Project executing organisation: Kulturschafft e.V.
Organised by Kulturschafft e.V. and Butterbrot Education.

In partnership with: KiezTreff Jüli 30 and Projektraum n