Igor Zaidel
Soldiner Str. 102
13359 Berlin
+49179 36 15 614

About us

The BAS CS project room has been around for a long time. Avdey Ter Oganyan, Andrey Brody and others worked in this room at different times. BAS CS has existed under this name, BAS CS, and under the leadership of Igor Zaidel for 2 years. The architecture of the room, the political and cultural situation during the pandemic and the personal history, all together result in an exhibition concept under the motto VERSUS.

The exhibited works must contradict each other in terms of form and content. Igor Zaidel sees his mission as giving space to opposing artistic opinions in order to improve the culture of dialogue, tolerance and democracy. Igor Zaidel himself is an artist, curator, leader of cultural projects. The main subject of his work are the languages of the people and their visual interpretation. He works in various artistic techniques. Born in Moscow he has lived in Berlin since 1991.