Kunst Studio 16
13359 Berlin

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Past events

30.06.2023 "Open Studio" at Kunst Studio 16

30.06.2023 ab 18:30 bis 22:30 c.a.

Kunst Studio 16 has been active since 2020. We are a project space that is mostly used as an exhibition space as well as a studio and darkroom.

The exhibition space opened in October 2021, within an exchange project where the Romanian artist Andrei Ispas was invited.

Araiké Da Silva and Severin Messenbrink are actively working on site, offering workshops in analogue photography and painting/drawing.

Our focus is the district of Wedding, in particular the Soldiner Kiez, which we would like to help shape as a cultural place with artistic exchange for everyone.

25.08. - 27.08.2023 Complex Disappointment - Jake Sherwood


An exhibition of drawings from Jake Sherwood. All of these drawings were painted in Berlin, on the street or in a market, during the last 3 years. Some of the sitters are reading a poem.

Charcoal, pastel, acrylic ink, recycled plastic, tape, graphite, turmeric, hairspray.

There are performances that stop. Disappointments that meets us – new.

There will be a live music performance during the opening. Free Entry.

Live music Performer: joris rose
Performance time: Friday 25th of August, 7pm
Curator(s): Araiké Treccani Da Silva, Michelle o’Higgins