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30.06. - 13.08.2023 7 Jahre Travestie für Deutschland – die große Retrospektive der TfD

28.04. - 11.06.2023 Răzvan Lucian Bugnariu: ORA PRO NOBIS

19.04. - 12.05.2024 In my Mothers’ Footsteps – Yishay Garbasz

We are celebrating our reopening with the German premiere of the exhibition "In My Mother's Footsteps" by the Israeli-German artist Yishay Garbasz.*

The Prima Center Berlin (PCB) project space in Soldiner Kiez (Berlin-Gesundbrunnen) is celebrating its reopening on April 19 from 7 p.m. with a vernissage by the artist Yishay Garbasz. Her photo series "In My Mother's Footsteps" will be shown for the first time in Germany as part of her exhibition program "3 Facets of Never Again".

The German-Israeli artist Yishay Garbasz impressively documents the stages of her mother's Shoah survival in photographs. The work on the traces and silence that trauma leaves behind in families and society was created in a years-long process of searching for and repeated photography of the places from her memories. Thirteen of these photographs are presented side by side with the words of her mother as a living chronicle - a stony, participatory path and counterpoint to the German Eiertanz around anti-Semitism and the oftentimes shallow German culture of remembrance.

Prima Center Berlin itself is getting a queer makeover for its 20th anniversary with new, old management: artist Annamaria Balov and journalist Paula Balov, daughters of the previous curator and artist Jovan Balov, will continue his work from April, supported by co-curator Jeanne Spada, the friends' association and Kolonie Wedding e. V.. The focus will be on queer and (post-)migrant art from Berlin and Southeast Europe, which questions and discusses gender and national identities, even if no conclusive answer can be found. PCB's position in the cracks between East and West, in Berlin and the Balkans, couldn't be better suited to that work.

About the artist: Yishay Garbasz is an interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin. In her work she explores the inheritance of traumatic memories from war, disaster and marginalization. Her process makes the invisible visible and makes the unsightly tenderly seen. Her work has been exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions, including in Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Miami, Boston, Berlin, Paris, London and at the Busan Biennal.

19.04., 19:00 - Vernissage
12.05., 19:00 - Finissage

Programme "3 Facets of Never Again"

Do What I Say or I Will Kill You Exhibition @PixelGrain, 02.04.-02.05.
Rosenstr. 16, Mo-Fr 12-18:00

The Only Rule of Making Good Art is to Punch Nazis, with Tania Elstermeyer
Exhibition @Spor Klübü, 26.04.-04.05.
Freienwalder Str 31, 27./28.04., 15-19:00
Vernissage 26.04., Finissage 04.05, 19:00

Guided Tour through all exhibitions : 27.04., 15:00 @PixelGrain

13.10. - 19.11.2023 Reina von der Wyk und Ina Rosenthal – überland – Doppelausstellung

01.09. - 03.10.2023 Crossing – Fotografien von Dorothea Tuch

24.11. - 17.12.2023 Maurus Knowles – In Search of Missing Peaces – Salvage Art