Ausstellung: Blue Balloon, Artist: Henrik Jacob
Ausstellung: Tiere im Garten der Kunst, Künstlerin: Ina Sangenstedt
Ausstellung: Kommentare zu Verrat und Gewalt, Wandbild: Marina Koldobskaja
Ausstellung My Future is the Past, Künstler: Fritz Stier, Cutouts
Gunther Baumgart: Skizzen zum Kunstprojekt "Die Reise ohne Wiederkehr"


Archi Galentz, Andreas Wolf
Wollankstraße 112a
13187 Berlin

About us

The gallery focuses on the presentation of 20th century artists from East and West Berlin and 21st art from Berlin and elsewhere. In contrasting and juxtaposing them, current and historic aethetic positions become discernible.

Event for the Koloniewedding

28.09. - 30.10.2023 Under the Gaze


Contemporary Art from Finland (1)


Opening: Thu 28. 09. 2023, 7 pm


Mika Karhu, Niina Räty, Kari Vehosalo

The first exhibition in the new series of Finnish contemporary art at Wolf & Galentz focuses thematically on mechanisms of subject constitution in modernity, power relations and actual or imagined free will. A special focus is on Michel Foucault’s The History of Sexuality.

Artwork (Detail) | Mika Karhu: Fragile of the Senses, 2023, charcoal on paper, 40×30 cm

About the artists

Mika Karhu

Based on many years of study of psychology, neurology, philosophy and political theory, in his art Mika Karhu deals with human emotions – psychological aspects of being human – and how these are shaped by social structures and power relations. A particular focus is on trauma, fear and vulnerability. In his sombre ink paintings in shades of grey, black and white, the dark represents the shadow side of human existence, violence, depression, terror and that which we do not (cannot) talk about; the light represents knowledge, hope.

Mika Karhu, born in 1969 in Joensuu, Karelia, Finland, studied fine arts and graphic arts at the North Karelia College of Art and Design, the Institute of Printmaking at Lahti University, the University of Art and Design Helsinki and received his PhD in fine arts from Aalto University in Helsinki, where he now teaches art.
He has exhibited his art in many solo and group exhibitions in Finland and internationally, and his works are included in several public collections. He lives and works in Hyvinkää and Helsinki.

Niina Räty


In the last years I have painted many fish and even caught a few.

My work builds on traditional still-life, nudes and portraits, but focuses on the form and features of the main subject. With these paintings I want to point out the bodily similarities between fish and reposing humans. In essence, both are just tubes of flesh, wordless lumps of quietness in a clammy skin.

Niina Räty, born 1973 in Lahti, lives and works in Helsinki.
She studied at Liminka Art School, Akureyri School of Visual Arts, Lahti Institute of Fine Arts and she graduated with an MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. She has shown her work in numerous exhibitions in Finland, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Sweden and Belgium and she has received several grants from different Finnish institutions.

Kari Vehosalo

Kari Vehosalo’s art gives form to the shared abstract social reality. Social norms, care, work, death, pleasure and pain are present in his art, but detached from familiar meanings. Vehosalo’s pictorial language plays with the sense of reality by representing things and worlds that are true, but not real. Through the process of alienation, Vehosalo’s artistic practise enables the constant re-evaluation of the ontological map that we hold up against the world.
In his art Vehosalo has dealt extensively with issues concerning power. His works explore the psychopathology of everyday life and the structures of reality.

Kari Vehosalo (born 1982 Finland) has graduated from Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Fine Arts, and Aalto University, University of Art and Design. Vehosalo is represented in many major collections, among them KIASMA – museum of contemporary art, Sara Hildén Art Museum, Helsinki Art Museum, Lahti Art Museum. He lives and works in Helsinki.

30.09.2023 Screening One Minute Nr. 9

30. 09.2023


One Minute No. 9

30. 09. 2023, 8pm

Screening series with collections of moving images, each about 1 min. long. Curated and organised by Kerry Baldry, UK


One Minute Volume Nine
Tony Hill, Paul Tarrago, Eva Rudlinger, Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore,
Rose Butler, Steven Woloshen, Erica Suderburg, Michael Szpakowski,
sam renseiw, Philip Sanderson, Anna Mortimer, Karissa Hahn, Stuart Pound and Rosemary Norman, Scott Fitzpatrick, Peter Martin, Chris Paul Daniels, Kypros Kyprianou,
Katharine Meynell, Grant Petrey, Jonathan Spencer, My Name is Scot, Kerry Baldry, Sam Meech, Amy Lunn, Nick Herbert, Julia Dogra-Brazell, Chris Meigh-Andrews,
Gordan Dawson and Louisa Minkin, David Chatton Barker,
Heather Ross, Nicky Hamlyn, Marty St. James, Maud Haya Baviera, Chris A. Wright,
Rachel Allain, Ellie Kyungran Heo, Pablo Robertson de Unamuno and Zeljko Vukicevic (Zhel)

Past events

27.08.2023 One Minute No. 8 | Screening 27.08.2023

One Minute

Over the last 14 years Kerry Baldry has been compiling and organising screenings of artists’ moving images titled One Minute.
There are ten compilations to date (she is currently compiling One Minute volume eleven) which are an eclectic mix of works, all of them one minute long, by over 80 artists – from award winning filmmakers through to recent graduates.

The One Minute programmes have been screened world wide at
numerous galleries, artists spaces and film festivals and are now included in The British Film Institute national archive.

More information

please visit
A review of One Minute (1–4) by Michael Szpakowski for The Moving Image Review & Art Journal (MIRAJ), the first international peer-reviewed scholarly publication devoted to artists’ film and video, and its contexts is available here:

About Kerry Baldry

Kerry Baldry is an artist, filmmaker and independent curator. Her film practice explores the relationship between performance and moving image and her work has been exhibited as both single screen and looped film installations in galleries and film festivals world wide. After graduating in Fine Art from Middlesex University with a B.A. (Hons) and then studying Fine Art Film and Video at Central St. Martins, she was commissioned to make a short film for BBC2s One Minute Television which was broadcast on The Late Show – a collaboration between BBC2 and The Arts Council.

Selected screenings and exhibitions include: the 57th Venice Biennale, the Rotterdam Film Festival,Brussel’s Art Week, Berlin Art Week, The Lux, The London Film Makers Co-op, HOME artists film weekender, KUMU Art Museum in Estonia, Sultan Nazri Shah Conference Building Oxford University, The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca, Lethaby Gallery Central St. Martins, Royal College of Art, London Art Fair.
Her work is in the collection of the British Artists’ Film and Video Study Collection, Lux and British Film Institute.
Her artistic practice encompasses a wide range of media and she currently works in her studio in Snowdonia, North Wales.




One Minute No. 8

27 Aug 2023, 8pm

Start of a screening series with collections of moving images, each about 1 min. long. Curated and organised by Kerry Baldry, UK


One Minute Volume 8
Paul Rooney, Nicky Hamlyn, Claire Morales, Nick Jordan, Gordon Dawson, Sana Ghobbeh, Tony Hill, Alex Pearl, Sam Meech, Greg Pope, Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore, Philip Sanderson, Martin Pickles, Guy Sherwin, Olga Jurgenson, Kerry Baldry, Tansy Spinks, Sam Renseiw, Katherine Meynell, Philippos Kappa, Kelvin Brown, Chris Paul Daniels, Stuart Pound and Rosemary Norman, Julia Dogra-Brazell, Marty St. James, Shaun Hay, Virginia Hilyard, Eva Rudlinger, Louisa Minkin, Steven Ball, Kate Jessop, Zhel (Zeljko Vukicevic), Riccardo Iacono, Karen Densham, Mary Stark, Nicolas Herbert, Michael Szpakowski, Steven Woloshen, John Kippin, Daniela Butsch, Leister/Harris


31.03. - 21.05.2023 Positions on Figuration

31. März–21. Mai 2023

Positions on Figuration.

On the Occasion of Klaus Fußmann’s 85th Birthday

Opening of the Exhibition: Fri 31 March 2023, 7 p.m.
Exhibition 2 April – 21 May 2023

Klaus Fußmann, painter, graphic artist and essayist, was appointed professor of painting at the University of the Arts Berlin in 1974 at the age of only 36 and has taught a considerable number of artists who are successful today. Long after his retirement in 2005, Klaus Fußmann continued to mentor his students and maintains an open and collegial dialogue with many of them.

On the occasion of the master’s 85th birthday, some of his students would like to honour Klaus Fußmann with a group exhibition. A special aspect of Fußmann’s work is that he always firmly believed in the importance of figuration, regardless of fashions in art. Therefore, in the exhibition Positions on Figuration. On the Occasion of Klaus Fußmann’s 85th Birthday at the Gallery Wolf & Galentz, we present a selection of works by the artist.

Fußmann’s works are flanked by those of his students; works by Gunther Baumgart, Hans-Joachim Billib, Sibylla Weisweiler, Hermann Reimer, Thomas Kaemmerer, Philipp Mager, Georgi Tchaidze, Michael Waitz, Christine Weber, Archi Galentz and Katja Krouppa enter into a dialogue with those of the master.

A brochure showing the exhibited works, with biographies of the artists and essays on the role of the teacher in the development of one’s own artistic expression will be published at the exhibition’s closing.

Artwork: Philipp Mager, woodcut (detail)