GERMAN TATAMI Jenseits der Brücke Tiny Domingos


Kata Unger
Frank Diersch
Wriezenerstr. 7,
2. HOF, 4. Stock
13359 Berlin
+49 175 2 05 70 62

About us

GERMAN TATAMI is a symbiosis between artist studio, producer gallery, gralshütersplatter and tea ceremony with beer.
In every event we show one artist and as example one work.
We also provide a theoretical survey and drinks.
Prominent experts interpret the work, giving them light and splendour.

GERMAN TATAMI is a hybrid service for ideas in art.

GERMAN TATAMI is a mentally three-dimensional climbing plant.

GERMAN TATAMI is a co-production by Kata Unger and Frank Diersch.

Past events

15.06. - 30.06.2023 German Tatami 01#2023/Die Schattenseite der Sonne

15.06 - 30.06
Eröffnung am 15.6.2023 um 19 Uhr | Geöffnet am 30.6.2023 und nach Tel. Vereinbarung: 0175 2057062

German Tatami 01#2023
Die Schattenseite der Sonne
Thomas Whittaker Kidd und Cornelia Renz

Artist statement Thomas Whittaker Kidd:

My gesture across the paper is a visual paragraph; an action producing a reaction continuously connected.
This trouble tinted reaction is caressed yielding a transformation just as a Zen tweeker would instigate transcendence.

Thomas Whittaker Kidd is a Los Angeles based artist, poet and performance artist, born in Fall River, Massachusetts, who exhibits paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations internationally. Kidd has exhibited in Los Angeles at ACME., Angles Gallery, Carl Berg Gallery, Richard Heller Gallery, bG Gallery, and 0-0 LA . Kidd’s exhibitions in New York were at The Hole, Shrine, Patrick Parrish Gallery and Lombard Freid Projects. He also exhibited at Western Exhibitions in Chicago, L’INCONNUE, Montreal, Galleri Golsa in Oslo, ARTAe Galerie, Leipzig  and Gnes B. Galerie Boutique, Tokyo.Kidd was curator of the following exhibitions in Los Angeles, The Unruly and the Humorous, at Angles Gallery, Created Worlds and Altered Histories at JK Gallery and Dirty Minds: Life On Earth at BG Gallery. He has lectured on his artwork in Los Angeles at UCLA, Loyola Marymount University, and at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA and San Jose State University, San Jose, CA.  His work was included in To Live and Paint in LA, at the Torrance Art Museum in Torrance, CA.


Cornelia Renz develops her work as an artistic reflection on political, social and cultural phenomena, or as she describes it: “(…) art is for me a performative process of cognition”. She examines existing visual material from a wide variety of media and uses it as a template for her reverse glass drawings. In the process, her biography serves as impetus and material. The collage is formative for Renz artistic practice. Since her stay in Israel, she has expanded her original two-dimensional process by combining her drawings, found footage, and wall works into spatial installations. Increasingly, she incorporates the work of other artists into her installations. Curating is part of her artistic practice.

She was a fellow of the Kunstfonds Bonn, the Art Cube Artists’ Studios Jerusalem, the Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral and the Else-Heiliger-Fonds; winner of the Schering Prize for Visual Arts, the Marion Ermer Prize and the Schüngel Prize for Graphic Arts. She has had solo exhibitions at Museum Montanelli, Prague, Kunstverein Konstanz, Kunsthalle Memmingen, Kunsthaus Erfurt, Nolde Stiftung Berlin, Kunsthalle Göppingen, gallery Goff+Rosenthal in NYC and gallery Anita Beckers, Frankfurt, among others. She participated in group shows in galleries and museums in Paris, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Prague, New Orleans, Bregenz, and throughout Germany.