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28.04. - 13.05.2023 OHNE TITEL

26.05. - 10.06.2023 TRANSLOCALITY


T r a n s l o c a l i s t

…translocality is not simply a scientific concept of framing a new understanding of place, space, and locality. Translocality is created, lived, and experienced by millions of people in everyday life. Writer Pamela Weintraub reflected on life in a globalized world: living in transition, between cultures, we are discovering who we are: Home may not be within a family or even a single culture, but between cultures and communities and constantly on the move.” (Simon Alexander Peth, What is Translocality?, 2014)

Interrelations between various locations, art and nature this exhibition that gathers melancholic photography, illustrations, collages, assemblages and paintings pulling to an utopic vision and understanding. Utopia can be looked as a final destination. Not as a distant mirage, but as local gathering place, a way station and sanctuary in which to share ideas and experiences. (Hans Ulrich Obrist, My Not -Manifesto for Art, Society, and Mondialite, 2019)

Realization of movement – changing locations – feeling of the immensity. During the deepest inspiration vibrancy, just before capturing an image or a drawing, a painting or an illustration or just cutting collages, I would fully feel my personal migrations and changing moods from malaise to blissful, fulfilled and cathartic state.

I often relate to nature and always bond with it. Call it romanticism, but it is a necessity. Allow me to introduce these hashtags: #darkecology #collapsology #ecopsychology .

It is obvious that the journey of the forever refugee took place after I moved with my family from wartime Bosnia to Croatia when I was 6 years old. Already at that early age in Bosnia, I used to take ballpoint pens and draw flowers and bears on books that were anyway just laying on our home shelf. The therapeutic spirit of art strengthened me a lot even during the time when I felt depressed in high school after seeing the death of my roommate before my eyes.

After finishing MA in History of Art (Zagreb, 2014) I moved to Portugal, then Spain, to finally end up in Germany, where I´ve been living for last 4 years. Immersing myself in fairy tales reminded me of the importance of storytelling, because they represent the core of all relationships. In that imaginary world, I always liked to fantasize and even dream. 

Most of the works from the exhibition were created during period of moving while volunteering or working, and carrying it with me all the time led me to this act. 

Krik krak krout, now this story`s out. Krik krak krun, now this story`s done / such ending of the story is traditional to western Africa.  

Kristijan Jerkovic aka Kirke (b. 1988) will be happy to boast about his volunteering in Spanish village, whose contribution to the illustration for the Kamishibai Theater supported gender equality in a local school. An eco-psychological fairy tale made with illustrations by Sara Gortan, Kontići – The Guardian of the Forest, was published through Interreg project between Slovenia and Croatia to support the Kontija, a protected forest in Croatia, through which an educational cycling path passes to point out protected plants and animals. He is currently working on a comic about antiheroes and low profile people and his third fairy tale to highlight the problem of waste water. But among the most valuable selfless achievements, he would definitely point out that he planted about 50 trees. Good amount of them were planted on Sitio de Pomar on Madeira after the island was hit by a terrible fire in 2016. Let everything he does be for the better future. May he happily turn into dust and return to the Earth what is hers, which is all of us.

30.06. - 02.07.2023 Digging for identity

29.09. - 01.10.2023 MYOPIA 2

27.10. - 29.10.2023 PLENTY OF SPACE TO THINK

vom 27.-29.10.2023

tot chuvak artist&illustrator




I am Alex Zhalibo, an artist, designer, and animator with a keen interest in the intersection of aesthetics, culture, and humor.

I was born in 1992 in Minsk. As an art teacher with expertise in drawing, design, and animation, I am always working hard, improving my ability to infuse my work with creativity and innovation that is both intellectually and emotionally stimulating.

Artworks of mine have been widely recognized, and I am fortunate to have pieces in private collections across various countries, including America, France, and the Netherlands. Notably, one of my canvases was purchased by the family of Marlene Dietrich, a tribute to my commitment to excellence.

Currently based in Berlin, I have been honored to showcase my work in few exhibitions and participate in the prestigious Berlin Photo Week 2022. I have also had the privilege of exhibiting my work at Rotes Rathaus, where my unique perspectives on humor and everyday life have been widely appreciated.

My art is a fusion of different forms, including drawings, paintings, sculptures, and animations. Whether through new exhibitions, residencies, or collaborations with like-minded individuals, I am committed to continuing my artistic journey and contributing to the rich tapestry of human creativity.