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About us

COPYRIGHTberlin sees itself as a cross-disciplinary, non-commercial platform with the aim of initiating an interdisciplinary exchange through exhibitions, events and publications and to give artistic positions experimental space.

In particular, the aim is to allow artistic processes to enter into a dialogue with theoretical questions from an aesthetic, sociological or philosophical perspective. Since 1999, eight non-profit projects with publications on specific themes have been realised, the last three on the theme of places/unplaces, presence/absence and ethics/aesthetics. Currently, the ninth project is being developed on the theme of space and identity: "im-raum-stehen", which relates territorial, virtual and physical space to each other.

Event for the Koloniewedding

08.09. - 01.10.2023 MYOPIA_2

08.09.2023 - 01.10.2023
The exhibition “Myopia_2” in Berlin brings together the works of artists from Poznan, Berlin and Paris. “Myopia”, means short-sightedness and refers to the limited perception that currently shapes our seeing and understanding of the world.
The exhibition presents a variety of artistic media including painting, drawing, objects, photography, video and installation.
“Myopia_2” refers to the exhibition of the same name at the UAP Gallery in Poznan in spring 2023. Here in Berlin, the artistic positions are spread across four project spaces in Wedding – COPYRIGHTberlin, uqbar and Kronenboden at Schwedenstr. 16 and art.endart at Drontheimer Str. 22.
Both exhibitions were curated by Rafał Górczynski, Poznan, and Patrick Huber, Berlin.
The German-Polish project was developed in cooperation with the UAP University of Art in Poznań and COPYRIGHTberlin, uqbar / ABA, Kronenboden and art.endart in Berlin.

Past events

30.06. - 09.07.2023 point de vue


28.04. - 30.04.2023 touch

bis 30.04.2023